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About DD Ranch
Terrebonne, Oregon

Come visit DD Ranch for a variety of activities like a petting zoo, pony rides, hay rides, weddings, and a month-long pumpkin patch! We welcome you to join us whenever you need to relax and enjoy life. Our goal is to provide enjoyable and unforgettable experiences for everyone to enjoy and cherish.



My husband comes from a long line of farmers, while I am just a city girl from Florida. We both began our careers in public accounting, but it didn't quite resonate with me. Health and nutrition are my true passions. About 17 years ago, I attended a holistic moms group presentation that completely changed my life. I heard a young dad's story about how farm fresh foods had saved him from debilitating colitis. This led me to join a mom's group in Bend, Oregon that had monthly presentations on nutrition. The speaker introduced the research of Weston A. Price (Weston A. Price Foundation) and I was captivated.


I delved into the world of healthy soils, plants, graziers, and people. I was convinced that I had found the ultimate secret to food production and preparation. My mission became clear - to provide the highest quality grass fed meats for my children and the local Central Oregon community. As a mother to four children, I understand the significance of having vibrant and well-nourished kids. Knowing how challenging it is to find good quality grass fed meat, I decided to take matters into my own hands. So, what did I do? Buy a cattle ranch, of course! 


Family Run Ranch

DD Ranch is a family-run cattle ranch and pumpkin patch. We're here all year round, providing grass-fed beef and lamb, heritage breed pork, raw honey, eggs, and fresh seasonal produce. Come celebrate your special occasions with us - we offer wedding and birthday party services. Don't miss our month-long pumpkin patch and fall festival in October, as well as our Country Christmas event in December.


Come See Us!

Come and experience the joy of DD Ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon!! With a petting zoo, pony and hay rides, as well as weddings and a month-long pumpkin patch, there's something for everyone here. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and join us anytime to celebrate and appreciate the simple pleasures. We take pride in creating delightful and unforgettable moments that can be cherished by all.

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